Boost immunity with Natural Goodness of Ayurveda

Inner strength comes with a strong Immunity Inside

Immunity is a persistent journey that stays as long as you focus on it. It helps our body in fighting any kind of diseases and also infections caused by microorganisms. In the long run, immunity protects us from unhealthy effects caused by environmental assaults.

The essential components that boost immunity is stored in the Golden Heart of Nature. We carefully pick the best ingredients from nature, blend them with science, pack with utmost hygiene, and serve it with affection.

Ayurveda - Sacred Science of Life

Ayurveda : Ancient yet living health tradition with proven advantages. Integrating Ayurveda with modern scientific evidence-based medicine serves today’s increased emphasis on lifestyle and wellness. Ayurveda now has become an approach to life and living, a lifestyle demand!

Superfoods for Super You

Mother nature gifted us abundant natural superfoods. With extensive research, we blended 100% organic, sustainably grown herbs that fulfil essential needs of our body & provide perfect efficacy. These superfoods yields side benefits, not side effects

‘Sattva’ & ‘Ojas’

‘Sattva’ implies purity & ‘Ojas’ is vitality for inner wellness, strong immunity, smooth digestion and boosted vigour. Our herbs are holistically pure & sourced ethically. Backed by credible certifications, the products are meticulously infused and hygienically packed with minimal physical contact assuring that we nourish ‘ojas’


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